Art Wood Collection

Art Excellence

As the ultimate luxury in solid wood floors, we offer Art Excellence, which is primarily a new production of the old castle floors. The floors are a very large part of a room and if you want to create an exclusive impression, this is without a doubt the right floor. Usually it is about rebuilding or renovating older properties where you want to maintain the original impression, but of course you can create these floors to fit into more modern premises.

About Art Excellence

The richness of detail and craftsmanship is in a class of its own. The choice of wood type and design is virtually unlimited. The production means that parquet blanks are specially manufactured and assembled in different ways in modules, in optional patterns. We do not stock a standard product of Art Excellence, but everything is manufactured according to the customer’s wishes.


We also manufacture other special floors in the Excellence series. This can be French Fishbones or strip bands with detailed inertialists of precious woods or modern aluminum strips. Only the imagination sets limits. In addition to the product itself, the customer of course chooses optional types of wood and surface treatments. We collaborate with experts in both raw materials and surface treatments of all kinds. We also have good contacts with especially talented craftsmen for laying these exclusive floors, which we always recommend for a nice result.