Decibel Concept

Decibel 1

Decibel 1 is intended to be combined with linoleum, glued solid Art Mosaic parquet and also included in our SoundSeal construction.

Acoustic problem

The acoustic problem often associated with hard floor coverings such as linoleum, plastic, rubber and glued parquet is related to requirements for step sound level and drum sound. Many times it can be difficult to deal with these problems.


There are plastics and linoleum floors on the market with an acoustic backing that provide step noise reduction, but many times its properties are not sufficient to meet the set requirements. A known phenomenon is also the good drum sound properties of the glued parquet floors, in comparison with floating constructions. At the same time, however, a very poor step sound improvement is created when the parquet is anchored to the subfloor.


With Decibel 1, you will find the market’s most efficient acoustic solutions for step and drum sound for 2.5 mm linoleum and glued Art Mosaic parquet. In addition to the acoustic properties, Decibel 1 provides a fantastic increase in comfort for these floor types that otherwise have a hard and tiring comfort on the body.



In combination with Herrljunga Terrazzo:


Decibel 1 can also be directly combined with Herrljunga Terrazzo and then offers extremely improved step sound level and sound absorption. Our experience extends over 30 years with satisfied customers and designs.

If this sounds interesting, please contact us or read more on Herrljunga Terrazzo’s website, Click here.