Decibel Concept

Decibel 2

Decibel 2 is intended to be combined with floating laminated parquet and also included in our SoundSeal construction.

Acoustic problem

In the area of ​​”parquet flooring”, it can generally be said that the thinner the parquet, the worse the sound of drums and footsteps. Furthermore, a parquet resonance problem (airborne noise degradation) is normally created when the floor is floating on a traditional base foam.


The drum sound is amplified with a floating parquet construction. When the parquet is glued down to the surface, the drum sound improves but at the same time the step sound deteriorates. It is important to find a balanced solution that improves all acoustic phenomena and does not create new problems.


Another important property is the longevity of a substrate so that original acoustic properties last for the entire life of the parquet floor, something which unfortunately is not obvious for a lot of substrate products on the market.


Decibel 2 is specially developed to offer great improvement of both step and drum sounds. At the same time, it has a unique property by not creating parquet resonance.


Like all our other Decibel products, Decibel 2 has documented extreme service life, not only for chemical degradation but also for static and dynamic loads.



In combination with Herrljunga Terrazzo:


Decibel 2 can also be directly combined with Herrljunga Terrazzo and then offers extremely improved step sound level and sound absorption. Our experience extends over 30 years with satisfied customers and designs.

If this sounds interesting, please contact us or read more on Herrljunga Terrazzo’s website, Click here.