Decibel Concept

Decibel 3

Decibel 3 is intended to be integrated into different types of floors via our SoundSeal design.

Decibel 3 in our SoundSeal construction

Decibel 3 is intended to be permanently integrated in different types of floors. This is done by coating the carpet with leveling compound or concrete (read more under SoundSeal).


This construction creates better acoustic results for both step and airborne sound compared to if you only combine a Decibel mat directly under a floor material. The acoustic improvements will also be permanent throughout the life of the house.


The choice of flooring material does not matter. Floor materials that are otherwise mounted firmly to the floor, such as tiles or glued wooden floors, normally offer a poor level of step sound compared with other floor materials that are mounted floating. By using Decibel 3 in the SoundSeal construction, you can easily change floor materials in the future without the risk of acoustic problems. This is important, for example, in tenant adaptations as you may want to replace a floating parquet floor with a tiled floor and thus risk creating new acoustic problems.


By using Decibel 3 in the SoundSeal construction, it is possible in some cases to choose a thinner concrete construction when designing and still meet set sound requirements. Thinner construction means lower construction heights and usually lower cost.

We believe that the thickness of the concrete should be adapted to strength and not acoustic properties. We solve acoustic problems easily and efficiently with our SoundSeal design.


We are primarily talking about concrete constructions with Decibel 3, but of course it works excellently in light wooden floors and then in everything from old attic floors, modern I-floors or the interesting KLT floors. However, we offer Decibel 4 which is specially designed for laying constructions and low frequency problems associated with these (read more about Decibel 4).