Decibel Concept


SoundSeal is the name we have chosen to describe a construction in which we cast our Decibel carpets under leveling compound or concrete. The basic construction means that our Decibel carpets are laid against the subfloor with dB edging mounted along the walls. The joints are taped with our dB tape, after which a 30 mm reinforced leveling is usually applied.

About SoundSeal

You win several arguments by using this method. Firstly, the acoustic construction will be permanent even if you change floor materials in the future. The choice of floor material does not matter much either. Tile / stone or glued wooden floors, for example, are usually problematic with regard to footsteps. A rental property can otherwise easily get into trouble if the tenants choose to change floor material and thereby change the step noise levels significantly. The SoundSeal design also offers an improvement in airborne sound.


By using the SoundSeal construction, you can in some cases choose a thinner concrete construction when designing and still meet set sound requirements. Thinner construction means lower construction heights and usually lower cost.


A basic rule is that the worse the floor’s acoustic basic condition is, the greater the benefit the Soundseal construction offers.


We mainly recommend Decibel 3 or 4 for the SoundSeal construction as these give the best results. In cases where the construction height is a problem, it is possible to add Decibel 1 or 2 and thinner layers of leveling compound.