Decibel Concept

Decibel Wood

Decibel Wood is a simpler version of our dB2 mat that is intended to be combined with floating parquet floors, to primarily improve step and drum sound at a lower price.

An alternative for floating parquet

There is no doubt that our Decibel 2 is the market’s best mat for floating parquet with improvements in many areas such as step noise reduction, drum sound, parquet resonance and everything connected to an extreme service life.


However, there are situations where the dB2 mat is simply too good in relation to the sound requirements. We consider alternatives with ordinary foam to be excluded, due to its extremely short service life and the drum sound problem this type of substrate creates.


Therefore, we have developed a simpler version of the dB2 mat that we call Decibel Wood.


Decibel Wood offers an equivalent rubber structure like dB2 fixed with a lower construction height and somewhat limited acoustically, but then only in comparison with our dB2.


However, we offer a step noise reduction of an honest 18 dB in combination with a guaranteed lifetime function. We thus offer the same guarantee as for dB2, ie 15 years under parquet with retained acoustic properties.


We have also provided Decibel Wood with a moisture barrier so you avoid the plastic foil. We of course offer the joint tape in the same material.


Drum sound is important


Ordinary foam under parquet creates more drum noise in the room than without a backing, which is accepted information today, but ironically something we tested over 25 years ago.


Just like for the dB2 mat, Decibel Wood offers an improvement in drum sound.

In the table below, we show the difference between different base materials, the result speaks for itself.

Decibel Wood is not as good as dB2 but a fantastic alternative when the sound requirements are slightly lower and it certainly does not matter that the price is lower as well.