Art Wood Collection

Art Mosaic

Art Mosaic represents the diversity in our collection and is at the same time a very affordable alternative. Art Mosaic is based on small rods that are assembled together in a module in various patterns such as square, brick, fish and more. Of course we offer a large selection of woods and sorting grades.

About Art Mosaik

The mosaic parquet is usually only 8 mm high, which is an important argument for renovations, for example, as you often have a limited construction height available. The module construction also means a simple and quick installation. Within the product group, we also have other variants of rods and modules, such as industry where the rod is placed upright. Furthermore, there are modules with larger rods such as base parquet and log floors.


Art Mosaic must always be glued to the substrate and sanded and surface treated on site.



Prime is a consistently very uniform color and wood structure. Plant-related variations occur. Basically without twigs and plinth. Swirls, small scratches, cross fibers, splinters and brown cores can occur in minimal amounts.



Vibrant look with natural color and texture. Basically without open twigs, cracks, marrow etc. Swirls, healthy twigs, small scratches, cross fibers and silicon stains occur. Splinter or brown core occurs depending on the type of wood.



Very vibrant look with all natural color variations and textures. Twigs, splinters, brown core occur. Very small open twigs and cracks may occur.


Pattern types

Rods can be laid in a variety of patterns, such as English patterns, checkered, parallel or herringbone patterns. These different patterns are delivered as modules.