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Art Parquet

Art Parquet represents a very old craft and is a product with many possibilities.

About Art Stavparkett

Most people associate the product with the traditional herringbone pattern, which has become a bit of the hallmark of parquet. But the possibilities with the staff are much greater than that. Art Parquet is manufactured in five different standard lengths that can be combined together into many beautiful patterns. The rod can be nailed or glued to the substrate depending on the conditions. After installation, the parquet is sanded and surface treated with any form of treatment.


We also refine our rod parquet by folding in strips and creating ship floors or smoking oak so that it is dyed through to a black-brown shade. In addition, we manufacture specially designed details where only the imagination sets limits. Of course, we only talk about solid wood flooring products through which we offer our customers a lifelong experience of quality.