Decibel Concept

Decibel 4

Decibel 4 is intended to be integrated in different types of floors but specifically for light wooden floors including KLT via our SoundSeal construction.

Our most efficient product for the Soundseal construction

We have been working with Soundseal constructions since 1997, where the Decibel 3 carpet has of course been at the center as the most effective product in combination with the leveling compound.


In 2012, we launched the next generation acoustic mat, Decibel 4. Although it is only 2 mm thicker than Decibel 3, it offers a marked acoustic improvement in comparison. This comes in handy when the basic conditions are tough, for example old attic floors, light constructions or thin concrete floors.


With Decibel 4, we have taken a big step forward. Thanks to a new formula for the composition and cell structure of the rubber, greater efficiency is created in the product’s ability to absorb energy. We have also developed a new top in polyester which we call “dB backing”. This is significantly more durable, which makes it more durable for tough handling on construction sites.


dB backing is important in the Soundseal design. On the one hand, it must hold tight to the “process water” in the leveling compound so that it does not flow through the carpet, but at the same time it must not be diffusion-tight. dB-backing takes these properties to a new level to improve the result for both the customer and the contractor who will work with the product.