Art Wood Collection

Art Shipmaster

We refine our Art Parquet for Art Shipmaster by milling out a groove from the rod and then, during installation, folding in a music strip in any type of wood. Normally, every other rod is laid with this note strip for best harmony, but the design with this note strip can be tailored completely according to the customer’s wishes.

About Art Shipmaster

As standard, Shipmaster is produced in oak with optional sorting, but of course other types of wood can be offered. If desired, the effect of the stripes can be changed by adjusting the choice of wood color between rod and music strip. Shipmaster offers fantastically beautiful floors with a radiance of craftsmanship and quality that few floors can match. You do not even have to be on board a boat to experience this.

We also offer Shipmaster in Teak with elastic groove. In cases where the floor is to be connected to water, this is the only type of wood that we recommend. The teak can be delivered as parquet or as thinner fabrics that are glued to the surface.