Art Wood Collection

Art Base Parquet

Art Base parquet is solid rods that are mounted in modules, these rods are larger than mosaic parquet, but the quality is still the same.

About Art Base Parquet

Base parquet is solid rods that are a bit thicker and wider than our classic mosaic parquet. But the durability and finish are still top notch. Delivered unlike parquet rod, without tongue and groove in pattern on net.

The dimensions of these rods are 10 x 50 x 250 mm.

Our base parquet can be ordered as standard in ash or oak and in three different sorts, Prime, Nature and Rustic.



Prime is a consistently very uniform color and wood structure. Plant-related variations occur. Basically without twigs and plinth. Swirls, small scratches, cross fibers, splinters and brown cores can occur in minimal amounts.



Vibrant look with natural color and texture. Basically without open twigs, cracks, marrow etc. Swirls, healthy twigs, small scratches, cross fibers and silicon stains occur. Splinter or brown core occurs depending on the type of wood.



Very vibrant look with all natural color variations and textures. Twigs, splinters, brown core occur. Very small open twigs and cracks may occur.


Pattern types

Rods can be laid in a variety of patterns, such as English patterns, checkered, parallel or herringbone patterns. These different patterns are delivered as modules.