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Innovative soundproofing for optimal acoustics

In an everyday life where the intensity of sound increases and the requirements for efficiency increase, the importance of creating a calm and quiet environment becomes ever more crucial. Whether we are working, at home or on a business trip, we all have a great need to be able to relax and focus on what we are actually doing without being distracted or interrupted by the surrounding soundscape. This makes sound insulation a fundamental factor for our well-being. Since the start in 1992, we at Aprobo AB have constantly paved the way for innovative sound insulation for optimal acoustics. We know that the right sound insulation materials in combination with proven techniques make a significant difference, affecting both the working environment and the quality of life.

Sound is like water that can penetrate the smallest opening and create an unwanted leak. To create a reliable barrier against sound leakage, it is of the utmost importance to invest in high-quality sound insulation. With a strong dedication, we ensure to remain at the forefront of developments to both meet and exceed the increasing demands for sound insulation. Our passion lies in being able to offer high-quality products to create harmonious sound environments that promote well-being and concentration.

Air sound insulation

Airborne sound is transmitted in the air rather than through solid materials and can be difficult to control. In homes, for example, neighbors’ chatter and sounds from loudspeakers are transmitted through the air and affect neighboring homes. Noise from traffic or aircraft can also penetrate homes and become a disturbing factor. In office environments, conversations and other office activities are transmitted through the open workspace, disrupting the concentration of workers. Hotels, cinemas, theatres, restaurants, classrooms and public transport are also examples of places where sound is transmitted through the air. With the help of well-planned airborne sound insulation, you can effectively minimize these disturbances and create an environment that is calm and relaxing, so that what needs to be in focus can be in focus. Everyone knows how challenging it can be to listen to your teacher, to sit in a meeting or in an important customer conversation, if the noise from the surroundings penetrates too much. Air sound insulation is therefore an investment that both benefits the individual’s health and increases productivity, as it contributes to being able to focus and carry out one’s tasks optimally.

Sound absorption for an optimal sound environment

Sound insulation is about stopping the transmission of sound between different areas as much as possible, while sound absorption is about controlling the sound waves in a particular room by trying to reduce reverberation and improve sound quality. Sound absorption is an important part of creating pleasant sound environments in a time when the demand for focus and working calm is high.

Our sound-absorbing products – Decibel Concept – are made with carefully selected materials that absorb and dampen sound effectively. By using these products in environments such as office landscapes and training rooms, the risk of disturbing reverberation is reduced. By combining sound insulation with sound absorption, the ultimate sound environment is created, where disturbing sounds from nearby areas are shut out, while every timbre and frequency in the room is controlled and amplified to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

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