BASTA is a self-declaration system that is followed up by third-party audits. There are three different variants in BASTA's registration system; BASTA, which is the one with the highest requirements for chemicals; BETA, which has slightly milder requirements where you need to meet the basic requirements; and then RISK RATED which is a registration for products that do not meet the requirements of BASTA or BETA but which are still used frequently and are difficult to find compensation for due to their unique functions, quality of the material or the like (see product selection principle).


At present, the products Decibel 1-4 acoustic mats, Art Mosaic Ash / Oak, Art Stave Parquet Ash / Oak, Art Industrial Parquet Ash / Oak, Zealand: Wool Offline, Primera, Strong, Tiles 200, Weave 300 and 390 are registered in the BASTA register.


In 2018, Basta performed an environmental audit of Aprobo AB, which we passed with famous approval.


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