Zealand Collection

Zealand Weave

Zealand Weave consists of woven rib rugs in 12 different standard colors that are woven in two different weaving techniques that we call 300 and 390.

About Zealand Weave

The 300 series has a combined low and high rib similar to Manchester fabric while the 390 series consists of a smooth rib fabric.


Unique to Zealand Weave is a synthetic yarn called polyamide that mimics wool in a very believable way, both visually but also the real feeling. No other polyamide comes closer to nature.


The secret lies in a dyed twisted yarn which is then woven extremely tightly. By working with a dyed yarn, the evenness of color is very good in comparison with carpets that are dyed individually after production.


We offer Zealand Weave with a thin latex backing with properties that suit a tough public environment. The latex back also provides improved comfort and step noise reduction. As an alternative, the rug can also be ordered with actionback, ie a back made of polypropylene.


The rugs are manufactured in 4 m width as standard but can also be ordered in 2 m width.